SSC MTS Previous Year questions Set 3

SSC MTS General Awareness Solved Paper
Date:- 2 August 2019, Shift 2
No of Question in Set 3: 12

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1. As of June 2019, which nuclear power station of India produces maximum power?
A. Kakrapar
B. Kudankulam
C. Kaiga
D. Rawatbhata

Answer –B. Kudankulam
Explanation-Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in Tamil Nadu is the highest capacity nuclear plant in India with an installed capacity of 2000 MW.

2. Surajkund Lake is situated in which of the following state?
A. Haryana
B. Gujarat
C. Rajasthan
D. Punjab

Answer –A. Haryana

3. The Consumer Protection Bill 2018 replaces the Consumer Protection Act which was enacted in ______.
A. 1984
B. 1988
C. 1986
D. 1989

Answer –C. 1986

4. Fiscal Deficit means ______.
A. Total revenue collected by the government
B. Difference between total revenue and total expenditure of the government

C. Total borrowing of the Government
D. Total expenditure of government

Answer –B. Difference between total revenue and total expenditure of the government

5. Which of the following festival is celebrated in Odisha?
A. Hornbill
B. Chappar mela
C. Bonalu
D. Bali Tritiya

Answer –D. Bali Trutiya
Explanation-•Hornbill festival celebrated in Nagaand.

Chhapar Mela is celebrated in the village of Chhapar in the district of Ludhiana, Punjab.

Bonalu is a Telangana traditional Hindu festival centered on the Goddess Mahakali.

For more read the article festival in News 2021-22

6. Who is the writer of ‘The silent cry’?
A. Michel Madhusudan Dutta
B. Haruki Murakami
C. Kenzaburō Ōe
D. John Milton

Answer –C. Kenzaburō Ōe

7. How many members are there in the GST council?
A. 33
B. 35
C. 23
D. 25

Answer –A. 33

8. ‘Amukta Malyada’ was written by ______.
A. Harihara Raya
B. Brahmadeva Raya
C. Bukka Raya
D. Krishnadeva Raya

Answer –D. Krishnadeva Raya

9. Who appoints the Chief Justice of India?
A. Lok Sabha Speaker
B. President
C. Prime Minister
D. Vice President

Answer –B. President

10. Which of the following is the folk dance of Goa?
A. Fugdi
B. Maanch
C. Bihu
D. Fagua

Answer –A. Fugdi

11. A book titled ‘A Prime Minister to Remember- Memories of a Military Chief’ was authored by former Navy Chief Admiral ______.
A. Sushil Kumar
B. Arun Prakash
C. Devendra Kumar
D. Nirmal Kumar

Answer –A. Sushil Kumar

12. Which battle was fought between Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan?
A. Battle of Buxar
B. Battle of Khanua
C. Battle of Plassey
D. Battle of Tarain

Answer –D. Battle of Tarain

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