SSC Geography Previous Year Questions Set 23

221. Very strong and cold icy winds that blow in the Polar regions are called: [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Typhoons
B. Tornadoes
C. Blizzards
D. Polar winds
Answer –C. Blizzards

222. Convectional Rainfall occurs in:[SSC CGL Prelim 2004]
A. Equatorial region
B. Temperate region
C. Tropical region
D. Polar region
Answer –A. Equatorial region

223. Daily weather changes in the atmosphere are associated with__[SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Troposphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Ionosphere
D. Stratosphere
Answer –A. Troposphere

224. Land and sea-breezes occur due to : [SSC CGL Prelim 2004]
A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Radiation
D. Tides
Answer –B. Convection

225. Tropical storm in Chinese Sea is known as–[SSC Section Officer (Audit) 2003]
A. Wave
B. Tornado
C. Typhoon
D. Cyclone
Answer –C. Typhoon

226. Equatorial regions experience: [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector Exam 2004]
A. warm and dry climate
B. hot and humid climate
C. wet and windy climate
D. moderately pleasant climate
Answer –B. hot and humid climate

227. Which of the following winds is called anti-trade wind ? [SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit) Exam 2005]
A. Chinook
B. Cyclone
C. Typhoon
D. Westerlies
Answer –A. Chinook

228. The solar radiation coming to Earth is called: [SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax & Central Excise) Exam 2005]
A. Radiant energy
B. Insolation
C. Sunshine
D. Terrestrial radiation
Answer –B. Insolation

229. Trade winds blow from the…. [SSC CGL Prelim 2004]
A. equatorial low pressure
B. polar high pressure
C. subtropical high pressure
D. subpolar low pressure
Answer –C. subtropical high pressure

230. What happens to atmospheric pressure with increase in altitude ? [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector Exam 2004]
A. It remains constant
B. It decreases
C. It increases
D. It constantly fluctuates
Answer –B. It decreases

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