SSC Geography Previous Year Questions Set 21

201. The rock that results from solidification of molten lava from a volcano is an example of which of the following ?[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Igneous Rock
B. Granite Rock
C. Basalt Rock
D. Magnetite
Answer –A. Igneous Rock

202. A drainage pattern where a river is joined by its tributaries approximately at right angles is ______.[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Dendritic
B. Trellis
C. Rectangular
D. Radial
Answer –B. Trellis

203. If speed of rotation of the earth increases, the weight of the body____.[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. decreases
B. increases
C. remains the same D. may increase or decrease
Answer –A. decreases

204. The core of the earth is also known as: [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Lithosphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Barysphere
D. Centrosphere
Answer –C. Barysphere

205. A broad, low embankment built up along the banks of a river channel during floods is called:[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Delta
B. Levee
C. Flood Plain
D. Dune
Answer –B. Levee

206. Winds blowing constantly in one direction in rocky deserts form:[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Chimneys
B. Mushrooms rocks
C. Yardangs
D. Demoiselles
Answer –C. Yardangs

207. What process takes place during the youthful stage of a river ?[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Valley widening
B. River rejuvenating
C. Valley deepening
D. Meandering
Answer –C. Valley deepening

208. What is the position of the Earth when it is at the greatest distance from the sun ?[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Aphelion
B. Antipode
C. Perihelion
D. Aldiate
Answer –A. Aphelion <

209. What is the mean temperature of Earth?[SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE) 2017]
A. 6 degree Celsius
B. 16 degree Celsius
C. 26 degree Celsius
D. 36 degree Celsius
Answer –B. 16 degree Celsius

210. The land forms formed by wave erosion is :[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Spit
B. Beach
C. Cave
D. Barrier island
Answer –C. Cave

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