SSC Geography Previous Year Questions Set 15

141. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through:[SSC MTS 2013]
A. Myanmar
B. Nepal
C. Bangladesh
D. China
Answer –B. Nepal

142. Mounds of sand formed by wind action are called: [SSC MTS 2013]
A. Cliffs
B. Cirques
C. Dunes
D. Hamadas
Answer –C. Dunes

143. The rate of deforestation is high in”[SSC MTS 2013]
A. Tropical zone
B. Desert areas
C. Temperate zone
D. Boreal forest
Answer –C. Temperate zone

144. Ice glacier’s melting is a common phenomenon linked to the rise in seawater level. The glaciers are predominantly present in:[SSC Graduate Level Tier-I 2013]
A. Greenland
B. Antarctica
C. Himalayas
D. Arctic
Answer –B. Antarctica

145. The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographical meridian at a place is: [SSC Graduate Level Tier-I 2013]
A. Azimuth
B. Dip
C. Declination
D. Latitude
Answer –C. Declination

146. Lake formed in a cut off river, meander is called:[SSC CAPFs SI & CISF ASI 2013]
A. Playa Lake
B. Meteoric Lake
C. Ox-Bow Lake
D. Crater Lake
Answer –C. Ox-Bow Lake

147. Sandstone is metamorphosed to:[SSC CAPFs SI & CISF ASI ]
A. Shale
B. Slate
C. Quartzite
D. Marble
Answer –C. Quartzite

148. Moraines are formed in:[SSC (10+2) 2013]
A. River deltas
B. Arid regions
C. Glacial regions
D. Monsoon region
Answer –C. Glacial regions

149. The Himalayan mountain range is an example of: [SSC (10+2) 2013]
A. Volcanic mountain
B. Residual mountain
C. Block mountain
D. Fold mountain
Answer –D. Fold mountain

150. Breaking down of rock in situ is known as:[SSC (10+2) 2013]
A. Erosion
B. Weathering
C. Mass wasting
D. Degradation
Answer –B. Weathering

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