SSC Chemistry Previous year questions Set 1

1. Bronze is an alloy of _ [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Copper and Zinc
B. Tin and Zinc
C. Copper and Tin
D. Iron and Zinc

Answer –C. Copper and Tin

2. Cement is made hard with [SSC Section Officer (Audit) year 1997]
A. dehydration
B. hydration and dissociation of water
C. Dissociation of water
D. Polymerisation

Answer –B. hydration and dissociation of water

3. Humburger effect is otherwise known as– [SSC Section Officer (Audit) 2003]
A. Sodium pump
B. Anaerobic metabolism
C. Choloride shift
D. Respiratory product

Answer –C. Choloride shift

4. The gas used for artificial fru ripening of green fruit is — [SSC CGL Prelim 2000]
A. Ethylene
B. Acetylene
C. Ethane
D. Methane

Answer –A. Ethylene

5. Which is abundant in Gobar gas? [SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax & Central Excise 2004]
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Methane
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

Answer –B. Methane

6. Isobars are lines joining places having equal [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2004]
A. Rainfall
B. Pressure
C. Population
D. Height above sea-level

Answer –B. Pressure

7. “All the four quantum numbers of two electrons in an atom are not the same.” It is the law of —[SSC Section Officer (Audit) 1997]
A. Hund’s
B. Exclusion Principle of Pauli
C. Uncertainty Principle of Hiesenberg
D. Avogadro’s Law

Answer –B. Exclusion Principle of Pauli

8. The atomic number of carbon is 6 and its atomic mass is 12. How many are there protons in the nucleus of carbon ? [SSC CGL 2002]
A. 6
B. 12
C. 18
D. Zero

Answer –A. 6

9. ‘Milk of Magnesia’ is a suspensionof : [SSC CGL Prelim 2004]
A. magnesium sulphate
B. magnesium carbonate
C. magnesium hydroxide
D. magnesium chloride

Answer –C. magnesium hydroxide

10. Which among the following is pure matter ? [SSC Section Officer (Audit) 2003]
A. Carbon–dioxide
B. Brass
C. Air
D. Iron

Answer –A. Carbon–dioxide

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