SSC Biology Previous year questions Set 4

31.Which part of the brain plays an important role in motor control? [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Cerebellum
B. Cerebrum
C. Medulla
D. Pons

Answer –A. Cerebellum

32.”Alfalfa” is the name of a … [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Mineral
B. Tribe
C. Grass
D. Town

Answer –C. Grass

33.Goitre is caused by the deficiency of…..[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Zinc
B. Calcium
C. Iodine
D. Chlorine

Answer –C. Iodine

34.The main protein found in milk is …..[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Albumin
B. Globulin
C. Globin
D. Casein

Answer –D. Casein

35.The first protocol to ban the emissions of cholorofluro carbons in the atmosphere was made in …….[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Montreal
B. Osaka
C. Geneva
D. Florida

Answer –A. Montreal

36.Diamond does not conduct electricity, because [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. It’s structure is very compact
B. It is of crystalline nature
C. There are only carbon atoms present in it
D. No free electrons are present in it

Answer –D. No free electrons are present in it

37.Eustachian Tube is located in which part of human body? [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Nose
B. Ear
C. Eyes
D. Throat

Answer –B. Ear

38.Blood group was discovered by[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Alexander Fleming
B. William Harvey
C. Landsteiner
D. Paulov

Answer –C. Landsteiner

39.Decoding and interpretation of visual nformation in brain is associated with [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Frontal lobe
B. Occipital lobe
C. Temporal lobe
D. Parietal lobe

Answer –C. Temporal lobe

40.In a rainforest, the vegetation that grows under the shade of a canopy is known as [SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Crown
B. Canopy
C. Understorey
D. Forest floor

Answer –C. Understorey

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