SSC Biology Previous year questions Set 31

301. Edward Jenner is associated with – [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Cholera
B. Typhoid
C. Small Pox
D. Paralysis
Answer –C. Small Pox

302. The scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time was : [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Antonyvan Leewen Hock
B. William Harvey
C. Gregor Mendel
D. Ronald Ross
Answer –B. William Harvey

303. A plant with compound leaves is – [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Papaya
B. Coconut
C. Peepal
D. Hibiscus
Answer –B. Coconut

304. Which one of the following is not a digestive enzyme ?[SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Pepsin
B. Renin
C. Insulin
D. Amylopsin
Answer –C. Insulin

305. The branch of agriculture which deals with the feeding, shelter, health and breeding of the domestic animals is called – [SSC CPO Sub-Inspector 2003]
A. Dairy Science
B. Veterinary Science
C. Poultry
D. Animal Husbandry
Answer –B. Veterinary Science

306. The presence of what distinguishes a plant cell from an animal cell? [SSC CGL Prelim 2003]
A. Chloroplasts
B. Cell wall
C. Cell membrane
D. Nucleus
Answer – A. Chloroplasts

307. Where did the new form of pneumonia “SARS” start ? [SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit) 2003]
A. Canada
B. Singapore
C. China
D. Thailand
Answer – C. China

308. BCG vaccination is to be given to a newborn child____. [SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit) 2003]
A. immediately after birth
B. within 48 hours
C. within seven days
D. within six months
Answer –B. within 48 hours

309. The total number of vertebrae in a human being is: [SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit) 2003]
A. 26
B. 30
C. 29
D. 33
Answer –D. 33

310. The hybrid between horse and donkey is called: [SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit) 2003]
A. Pony
B. Colt
C. Mule
D. Zebra
Answer – C. Mule

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