SSC Biology Previous year questions Set 17

161.A group of genes whose activity is coordinated by a DNA site is called: [SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI, Delhi Police SI 2016]
A. operon
B. cistron
C. polysome
D. polypeptide
Answer –A. operon

162. Which is the largest blood vessel in human body? [SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI,Delhi Police SI 2016]
A. Aorta
B. Anatomises
C. Tunica Intima
D. Atrium
Answer –A. Aorta

163. _____ percent of Delhites are suffering from Asthma and Rhinitis. [SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI, Delhi Police SI 2016]
A. 13%
B. 10%
C. 11%
D. 12%
Answer –C. 11%

164. Copper is associated with ____ mitochondrial enzymes. [SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI,Delhi Police SI 2016]
A. Cytochrome oxidase
B. Succinic dehydrogenase
C. Catalase
D. Acid phosphatase
Answer –A. Cytochrome oxidase

165. Which of the following human genetic disorders is sex-linked ?[SSC CAPFs (CPO) SI & ASI, Delhi Police SI 2016]
A. Haemophilia
B. Cystic fibrosis
C. Albinism
Answer – SpongesA. Haemophilia

166. Which one of the following is also called as milk sugar? [SSC CAPFs (CPO) 2016]
A. Glucose
B. Fructose
C. Maltose
D. Lactose
Answer –D. Lactose

167. Which of the following range of Air Pollutant Index is considered as hazardous ?[SSC CPO 2016]
A. 301-500
B. 201-300
C. 101-200
D. 401-500
Answer –A. 301-500

168. Metals can be ____ at room temperature.[SSC CAPFs (CPO) 2016]
A. Liquid only
B. Solid only
C. Solid or liquid
D. Solid, liquid or gas
Answer –C. Solid or liquid

169.DNA shows hyperchromicity on: [SSC CPO 2016]
A. heating
B. cooling
C. crystallizing
D. replication
Answer –A. heating

170. The name of the longest muscle in human body is: [SSC CPO 2016]
A. Sartorius muscle
B. Massete muscle
C. Stapedius muscle
D. Gluteus Maximus muscle
Answer –A] Sartorius muscle

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