SSC Biology Previous year questions Set 11

101. Riboflavin is a/an [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Vitamin
B. Hormone
C. Fatty acid
D. Enzyme

Answer –A. Vitamin

102. Mechanism preventing interbreeding is called:[SSC CGL Tier-I (CBE) 2016]
A. Adaptation
B. Isolation
C. Reproduction
D. Recombination

Answer –B. Isolation

103. At which stage in its life cycle does the silkworm yield the fiber of commercial use: [SSC CGL 2016]
A. Larva
B. Egg
C. Pupa
D. Imago

Answer –C. Pupa


104. The latex of which plant is used commercially? [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Papaya plant
B. Sial kanta plant
C. Rubber plant
D. Banyan tree

Answer –C. Rubber plant

105.‘Insectivorous plants’ trap insects for: [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Nitrogen
B. Fats
C. Vitamins
D. Carbohydrates

Answer –A. Nitrogen

106. The connective tissue that connects a muscle to a bone is [SSC CGL 2016]
A. Cartilage
B. Ligament
C. Tendon
D. Interstitial fluid

Answer –C. Tendon

107. Which among the following elements increases the absorption of water and calcium in plants ? [SSC Section Officer (Audit) 1997]
A. Manganese
B. Boron
C. Copper
D. Molybdenum

Answer –B. Boron

108. Which among the following is a large spectrum Antibiotic? [SSC Section Officer (Audit) year 1997]
A. Paracetamol
B. Pencillin
C. Ampicillin
D. Chlormphenicol

Answer –C. Ampicillin

109. Which wood will become useless soon after exposing in the open air? [SSC Section Officer (Audit) 1997]
A. Softwood
B. Fibrous wood
C. Wet wood
D. Hardwood

Answer – C. Wet wood

110. Which among the following helps in circulation of blood? [SSC Section Officer 1997]
A. Erythrocytes
B. Blood platelets
C. Monocytes
D. Lymphocytes

Answer – D. Lymphocytes

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