SSC Biology Previous year questions Set 10

91. The impact of Green Revolution was felt most in the case of [SSC CGL 2016]
A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Pulses
D. Oilseed

Answer –A. Wheat

92. The sigmoid colon is a part of: [SSC CGL 2016] A. Small Intestine
B. Large Intestine
C. Pharynx
D. Rectum

Answer –B. Large Intestine

93. Which one of the following is an insectivorous plant? [SSC CHSL 2017]
A. Utricularia
B. Sequoia Gigantia
C. Nostoc
D. Bryophyta

Answer –A. Utricularia

94. Which of the following gas leaked in the Bhopal Gas tragedy in December 1984? [SSC CHSL 2017]
A. Methyl isocyanate
B. Methyl isochlorate
C. Methyl phosphate
D. Methyl isopropate

Answer –A. Methyl isocyanate

95. Chlorophyll was first isolated and named by____ [SSC CHSL 2017]
A. Caventou
B. Pelletier
C. Chlorophyll
D. Caventou and Pelletier

Answer –D. Caventou and Pelletier

96. Locomotory organ of a starfish is: [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Tube feet
B. Paddle
C. Muscular foot
D. Flipper

Answer –A. Tube feet

97. Which of the following organisms does not fit into the Cell Theory? [SSC CHSL 2017]
A. Bacteria
B. Virus
C. Fungi
D. Plants

Answer –B. Virus

98. The source of oxygen in atmosphere is due to___[SSC MTS 2017]
A. Photosynthesis
B. Excretion
C. Nitrogen fixation
D. Respiration

Answer –A. Photosynthesis

99. Which of the following causes swine flu? [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Bacteria
B. Fungi
C. Tapeworm
D. Virus

Answer –D. Virus

100. The only living tissue in plant xylem is: [SSC MTS 2017]
A. Trachea
B. Xylem fibre
C. Xylem parenchyma
D. Tracheid

Answer –C. Xylem parenchyma

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