RRB NTPC Computer Science Previous Year Questions set 2

11. A DVD is an example of:
A. Output device
B. Soilld-state storage device
C. Hard disk
D. Optical disk
Answer –D. Optical disk

12. GPS stands for:
A. Global Prime System
B. Global Peace Summit
C. Global Postal System
D. Global Positioning System
Answer –D. Global Positioning System

13. Python is:
A. an application program
B. an operating system
C. a Commpiler
D. a programming language
Answer –D. a programming language

14. With reference to computing an “Applet” is ___
A. Computer virus
B. A firewall
C. A Java application
D. A cookie
Answer –C. A Java application

15. Which of the following is used by a computer to translate the procedure oriented language program into machine ahguage program?
A. Scanner
B. Compiler
C. Plotter
D. VDU (Video Display Unit)
Answer –B. Compiler

16. “Integrated Circuit” belonged to which of the following generation of Computers?
A. Second Generation
B. Fifth Generation
C. Third Generation
D. Fourth Generation
Answer –C. Third Generation

17. Which of the following is NOT a modifier key in IBM compatible computer?
A. Shift
B. Ctrl
C. Tab
D. Windows key
Answer –C. Tab

18. Workbook, in a computer application, is basically related to?
A. MS Word
B. Adobe Reader
C. MS Powerpoint
D. MS Excel
Answer –D. MS Excel

19. A Person is caled computer literate if she is just able to :
A. Write programs
B. Hack other computers
C. Run need-based applications
D. Create anti-virus software
Answer –C. Run need-based applications

20. For a Computer, BIT stands for:
A. Binary Integer Transfer
B. Binary Task
C. Built-in Integer
D. Binary Digit
Answer –D. Binary Digit

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