RRB NTPC Computer Science Previous Year Questions set 1

Here is the 20 questions (10 question in each set) from the Subject ‘Computer Science’ which was asked in RRB NTPC CBT II in 2017 (Al Shift).

1. DNS Stands for?
A. Domain Name System
B. Data Net Service
C. Data Net Syatem
D. Domain name Setup

Answer –A. Domain Name System

2. A formula in MS Excel starts with a ___ symbol.
A. +
B. =
C. #
D. @

Answer –B. =

3. CD-ROM is a:
A. MP3 file
B. Microprocessor
C. Magneticdisk
D. Storage medium

Answer –D. Storage medium

4. MS Word is an example of:
A. Application Software
B. Compiler
C. Operating System
D. System Software

Answer –A. Application Software

5. What is used to identify users who come back to a webpage?
A. Username
B. Password
C. Cache
D. Cookies

Answer –D. Cookies

6. What is the program that translates source code into object code called?
A. Translator
B. Executor
C. Compiler
D. Interpreter

Answer –C. Compiler

7. Unicode provides:
A. Uniform code for checking all computer programs
B. Unique code to denote every computr company
C. Codes for English characters
D. Unique code for every character of every language

Answer –D. Unique code for every character of every language

8. TELEX stands for:
A. Telegram Express
B. Teleprinter Exchange
C. Telecommunication Exchange
D. Telephone Exchange

Answer –B.Teleprinter Exchange

9. Which of the following in general, cannot compute?
A. Calculator
C. Mobile Phone
D. Printer

Answer –D. Printer

10. Linux is an example of:
A. Assembly Language
B. Application Software
C. Programming Language
D. Operating System

Answer –D. Operating System

11. Typ of file in a computer can be identified by the ___?
A. File size
B. File path
C File extension
D. Folder Name

Answer –C File extension

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