Previous Year RRB NTPC GK Questions Set 5

RRB NTPC CBT 1 (Tier 1) 2020 Previous Years Questions

41. ‘Delhi-Agra-Jaipur’ has been called
A. Rajasthan calling
B. Place on Wheels
C. Maru Triangle
D. Golden Triangle

Answer –D. Golden Triangle

42. Where is the headquarters of the International Court of Justice located?
A. Paris
B. The Hague
C. New York
D. Geneva

Answer – B. The Hague

43. Who is the author of the book “Why I Am a Hindu”?
A. Shashi Tharoor
B. Mohan Bhagwat
C. Yogi Adityanath
D. Ram Nath Kovind

Answer – A. Shashi Tharoor

44. Which of the following states has the lowest population density, according to Census 2011?
A. Sikkim
B. Arunachal Pradesh
C. Nagaland
D. Goa

Answer –B. Arunachal Pradesh

45. Which Indian actress was honored with the UNICEF Humanitarian Award?
A. Deepika Padukone
B. Aishwarya Rai
C. Sonam Kapoor
D. Priyanka Chopra

Answer –D. Priyanka Chopra

46. The headquarters of the ASEAN is located in which of the following country?
A. Indonesia
B. Vietnam
C. Thailand
D. Singapore

Answer –A. Indonesia

47. Which of the following states of India is the folk dance Oyilattam associated with?
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Kerela
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer –A. Tamil Nadu

48. Chandrayan-1 was launched in which year?
A. 2008
B. 2004
C. 1969
D. 2020

Answer –A. 2008

49. Who among the following is known as the father of Indian Railways?
A. M.Visweswariah
B. Lord Ripon
C. Mahatma Gandhi
D. Lord Dalhousie

Answer – D. Lord Dalhousie

50. Rhinoscope is an instrument for examining the _____ [RRB NTPC CBT 2 (Shift 1, 19 Jan 2017 )]
A. Nose
B. Eyes
C. Brain
D. Ears

Answer – A. Nose


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