Previous Year RRB NTPC GK Questions Set 1

RRB NTPC CBT 1 (Tier 1) 2020 Previous Years Questions saYsovr
1. Who among the following is a current non-permanent member of UN Security Council?
A. Pakistan
B. Australia
C. India
D. All of these

Answer –C. India

2. The United Nations Charter was signed by 51 original members of the United Nations in 1945 at
A. Hague Conference
B. London Conference
C. San Francisco Conference
D. Berlin Conference

Answer –C. San Francisco Conference

3. In which year did the Bhopal Gas Tragedy take place?
A. 1985
B. 1984
C. 1988
D. 1983

Answer –B. 1984

4. The first complete census in India was held in the year .
A. 1873
B. 1891
C. 1881
D. 1885

Answer – C. 1881

5. In which among the following areas the Sabrimala Temple is located?
A. Periyar Tiger Reserve
B. Kanha National Park
C. Anamalai Tiger reserve
D. None of the Above

Answer – Periyar Tiger Reserve

6. In which year the Environment Protection Act was passed?
A. 1982
B. 1986
C. 1992
D. 1996

Answer –B. 1986

7. At which of the following places is the International Court of Justice situated?
A. Rome
B. Vienna
C. The Hague
D. Geneva

Answer – C. The Hague

8. On which on the following dates was ISRO found?
A. 12th August, 1954
B. 15th August, 1969
C. 13th August, 1992
D. 11th August, 1990

Answer –B. 15th August, 1969

9. Which state is not a part of the ‘Seven Sisters’ of North East? A. Meghalaya
B. Sikkim
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Tripura

Answer – B. Sikkim

10. Koodankulum is famous for:
A. Nuclear power plant
B. Thermal power plant
C. Biosphere reserve
D. Major port in tamil Nadu

Answer – A. Nuclear power plant

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