MCQ on fuel and combustion Part-1

1. Which one of the following gases, released from biogas plant is used as a fuel gas?
A. Butane
B. Propane
C. Methane
D. Ethane

Answer-C. Methane

2. Which one of the following has the highest fuel value?
A. Gasoline
B. Charcoal
C. Hydrogen
D. Natural gas

Answer – C. Hydrogen

3. The fuel used in a diesel engine:
A. Vapor of diesel and air
B. Diesel only
C. Mixture of diesel and petrol
D. Mixture of diesel, air and petrol

Answer –A. Vapour of diesel and air

4. Which of the following is a natural fuel?
A. Coal gas
B. Tar
C. Coke
D. Petroleum

Answer –D. Petroleum

5. Cetane number is used as a quality parameter mainly for which of the following?
A. Petrol
B. Kerosene
C. Diesel
D. Turpentine Oil

Answer – C. Diesel

6. Cooking gas is mainly
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Methane
D. Nitrogen and Oxygen

Answer –C. Methane

7. Which of the following fossil fuels is the cleanest fuel?
A. Coal
B. Petrol
C. Natural gas
D. Diesel

Answer –C. Natural gas

8. The main component of biogas is
A. Hydrogen
B. Methane
C. Butane
D. Acetylene

Answer –B. Methane

9. Octane number is a measure of the quality of
A. Perfumed oil
B. Petrol
C. Kerosene oil
D. Edible oils

Answer –B. Petrol

10. Biogas mainly consists of
A. Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen
B. Hydrogen and Methane
C. Carbon dioxide and Methane
D. Hydrogen and Oxygen

Answer –C. Cardon dioxide and Methane

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